About the Artist and her Craft

There’s jewelry and then there’s Just Liz Jewelry...

The difference lies with the artisan herself. Liz McCormack is one of a kind, with a bubbly personality and a natural love for people. Her jewelry reflects that personality type. It’s not stuffy or rigid but flowing with character.

Discovering the basic elements of metalworking from a silversmith, Liz admits to learning most of her skill on her own as she developed her unique style. She started her craft more than twenty-five years ago, finding her voice as an artist in Virginia. Her beautifully tooled pieces reflect the desire to craft metal into works of art, as unique as the nature around her. She is inspired not only by elements of nature but also in the people she meets in her travels around
the country.

With quality, precision and an incredible amount of patience, Liz McCormack handcrafts her jewelry with a fine balance of hammering, twisting and crafting wire, stones and other elements into beautiful masterpieces. Every item is one-
of-a-kind. Every item is custom-made, and every item is an instant heirloom.
Liz uses the finest materials in her creations investing long-lasting value.

Liz designs and crafts pieces to follow her own muse but is available for commission to tailor a piece perfect for each individual client. None of her jewelry is made for the masses, nor are they fashioned to follow trends. Each piece is a unique piece of art. Without a doubt, you will find at least one that speaks to you.